Toilet Paper's Messy Situation

Toilet Paper's Messy Situation

Mar 4, 2021
The issue with tissue
Toilet Paper

News of the pandemic last year left people anxious and in a frenzy. Fearful of the disease, people channeled that energy into hoarding one of the most basic commodities in the household — toilet paper.

By March 23, 2020, 70% of U.S. grocery stores were out of stock, and sales climbed over 845%. Butt we're not surprised by the numbers: Americans make up only 4% of the world's population, yet consume 20% of the world's toilet paper.

Before modern toilet paper was invented, people wiped their bottoms with a variety of natural materials: snow, moss, seashells, corn cobs (don’t ask); wealthy folk used cloth, and some even went as far to create hygiene sticks with sponges.

From TP’ing to debating the right way to wipe or the right toilet paper orientation, toilet paper has become embedded in American culture. Also what’s up with bears being the face of so many TP brands?

Now take a seat so we can get to the bottom of this.

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