Recommend a Brand

Recommend a Brand

We're super excited to hear about a brand you believe we should know about! We know that there are a lot of brands we might have missed. It's quite a challenging task to include all the amazing brands in every category out there, so we definitely appreciate the help.


We value transparency and products that have low-impact on our bodies and the environment, while also uplifting our community. We want the brands we showcase to embody these values.

Here's what we'll be doing:

  1. We fact-check every recommendation, looking for any red flags 🚩 about the brand.
  2. We ensure that each brand has made sustainable and ethical efforts, as defined in our about page, either innovating on an existing product or revisited old goods.
  3. We want goods this brand sells to be affordable for the everyday consumer.
  4. We take extra care to look for diverse and inclusive brands from local communities because want to support small businesses.

Please fill out this form here if would like to submit a recommendation.

After we receive your recommendation, we'll update you about the status through email.

If we agree, we'll give the brand a shoutout in our newsletter and on our website. If you want, we'll also give you a shout out. In addition, we'll reach out to the brand to let them know how we heard about them and invite them to partner with us.