Partner with us

Partner with us

We're honored that you want to work with us. We both work hard to make sure that the brands we partner with value sustainability and ethical labor, while also being transparent about their innovative efforts and critical flaws.

Send us an email at so we can find a partnership that works for the both of us.

Why we should work together?

Do One Better is slowly growing to become the biggest platform on sustainable and ethical goods at affordable prices. Our website is viewed and revisited by hundreds of active and responsible consumers that want to learn more about the goods they own. We also publish a weekly newsletter with subscribers interested in switching to affordable, trustworthy brands.

What does it mean to partner with you?

We're open to trying different things, but here are some great starting points:

  • Get featured on the front page of our website
  • Get a shoutout in our weekly newsletter, with a 50% open rate
  • Collaborate with us on a specific newsletter article
  • Review specific products from your brand
  • Hop on a Clubhouse room or record a podcast together to talk about your work

If you have any additional ideas, we'd love to hear them as well!