Who they are

Price: ~$25

Tags: Cruelty free, Vegan

Elate is a cruelty free and vegan brand that celebrates diversity and inclusivity. They have a wide variety of skincare and makeup items to choose from, and channel conscious consumption throughout their brand.

Why we recommend

Elate prides itself in its 5 conscious beauty principles

  • impact: each individual can make an impact
  • ethical: authenticity, transparency, and trust. They have ethical marketing practices and memos on how they are better for the plane and use sustainable packaing.
  • community: 2% of sales are donated and they uphold values of kindness and commmittment to social responsibility
  • future: think outside the box
  • mission to empower people to use the best products

Elate is very transparent about all its practices, check out their website to learn more!