💯 Why Do One Better

Like other beauty products, deodorant can contain a variety of ingredients that could prove harmful on your body, whether it be because you have sensitive skin/hair or the ingredients themselves are harmful to our bodies.

We don't have a piece on the true cost of deodorant yet, where we will go further into the environmental and human issues and discuss about the future direction of deodorant.

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For now, take a look at the ingredients below to learn more about why they could prove harmful to you. Also check out other potential brands that we recommend for a more sustainable, ethical and more affordable option!

We want to callout that we are not beauty experts, so we highly recommend you look further into these ingredients through the links we provided below.

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🗒️ Ingredients to Watch Out For

We recommend you look into more depth about these ingredients and how they could affect your body. Generally, these descriptions should apply to most people.

  • Aluminum compounds and salts: Minimizes perspiration, but once inside the body, it mimics estrogen which can lead to hormone disruption.
  • Alcohol: Helps the product dry quickly, but it dries out skin and contributes to irritation.
  • Fragrance: An umbrella term for thousands of chemicals. There's no way to know what makes up fragrance so check your specific brand if there is more information on the chemical makeup.
  • Parabens (methyl-, isobutyl-, propyl- and others): A preservative to prevent bacteria from growing in cosmetics and shampoo that has been found to mimic the hormone estrogen.
  • Propylene glycol: Synthetic organic compound used to soften deodorant. It enhances deodorant's penetration and while it's not harmful in small amounts, it can help other penetrate other toxic ingredients in your skin.
  • Triclosan: Antibacterial and antifungal ingredient used as a preservative. This chemical can negatively impact the immune system and cardiovascular function.

👍 Alternatives

Check out some of these brands for a more sustainable, ethical and affordable option. We know that some prices are higher than average (around $4), so we are always on the hunt for more affordable alternatives. But we do want to call out that products with cleaner/better quality ingredients will cost more money.

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Deodorant Brand Recommendations