Denim Jeans

Denim Jeans

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Known for their versatility, durability and timeless style, denim jeans are something you know everyone has a pair of in their closet. At any given time, half the world’s population is rocking jeans, making it the most popular casual item.

We have a deep dive on the true cost of denim jeans linked below, where we share some of the big issues with denim jeans today and the exciting innovative future brands are working on.

Some big things to call out:

  • Traditionally, it takes about 1Β½lb. of cotton to make one pair of jeans. This means the entire process takes around 7000 liters, or 1800 gallons, of water, 1.5 kW of electricity and 5 oz. of chemicals.
  • Workers are paid poorly, as low as β…• th of their living wage while being forced to work 14-16 hour days, 7 days a week in poor lighting at temperatures as high as 100 degrees.
  • Improvements made include water-free indigo dyes, removing stones out of stonewashing, and replacing bleach with technological advances.

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πŸ‘ Alternatives

Check out some of these brands for a more sustainable, ethical and affordable option. We know that some prices are higher than average (ranges from $20-$400), so we are always on the hunt for more affordable alternatives.

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Denim Jeans Brand Recommendations

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