šŸ’Æ Why Do One Better

By switching over to an organic and nontoxic cereal alternative, you're ensuring only the best ingredients are entering your body.

We don't have a piece on the true cost of cereal yet, where we will go further into the environmental and human issues and discuss about the future direction of cereal.

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For now, take a look at the ingredients below to learn more about why they could prove harmful to you. Also check out other potential brands that we recommend for a more sustainable, ethical and more affordable option!

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šŸ—’ļø Ingredients to Watch Out For

We recommend you look into more depth about these ingredients and how they could affect your body. Generally, these descriptions should apply to most people. Sourced from Mamavation.

  • Added Sugar: Listed out as sugar, high fructose corn syrup, corn sugar, and evaporated cane juice.
  • Hydrogenated Oils: Contain trans fats, which are bad for your health (raises your "bad" cholestorol and lowers your "good" cholestorol).
  • GMOs and Glyphosate: With GMO ingredients comes the herbicide glyphosate, the most popular herbicide in the world and has been categorized as a "probable carcinogen".
  • Additives: Some examples include BHA and BHT which are extremeley common. They are generally safe but some studies have linked BHA to a possible carcinogen and BHT a trigger for ADHD.
  • Artificial Colors: The 3 most widely used dyes (Red 40, Yellow 5, and Yellow 6) are contaminated with known carcinogens.

šŸ‘ Alternatives

Check out some of these brands for a more sustainable, ethical and affordable option. We know that some prices are higher than average (around $3.27), so we are always on the hunt for more affordable alternatives.

We recommended the products below because they are made with natural ingredients, no artificial colors, are low sugar, and guilt free.

Don't see a brand you believe we should recommend, let us know here!

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Cereal Brand Recommendations

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