Back to Tee Basics

Back to Tee Basics

Apr 1, 2021
We need to start giving a shi(r)t

You knew it was coming. The most versatile and ubiquitous clothing item. A basic that you’ll always have in your wardrobe throughout the seasons that are made to go with your capsule wardrobe — the classic T-shirt.

Originally worn as an undergarment, T-shirts gradually grew into casual clothing after World War II and popped onto fashion shows for their sexual apparel. Printed tees also became popular as a form of self-expression during the 1900s after A Streetcar Named Desire and Disney characters like Mickey Mouse made an impression.

Whether you are looking to revamp your clothing line or want to know more about the items you currently wear, the T-shirt is one of the easiest places to start to revisit with an ethical and sustainable lens.

Check out and see what we got up our sleeve today.

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