Who we are

Who we are

What is Do One Better?

Do One Better is a resource to learn more about the goods you buy everyday, so you can make better informed purchases that are more sustainable, ethical, and affordable.

At the start of 2021, we were both looking to purchase some new skincare and clothing products. While digging through different resources to help us shop consciously, we found it hard to find this information all in one space. Many people in our communities also shared this struggle with us. It just took too much time to find a sustainable and ethical brand that was affordable.

This is where Do One Better comes in! With the rise of conscious consumerism, both brands and people care more about making a social impact. We take care of the heavy lifting by researching the good lifecycle, its ingredients, and finding brands you can trust — all in a one stop shop.

Why should I trust you?

We both spend around 12-16 hours a week researching, writing, and double fact checking everything we put out on our newsletter and recommend on our website. Everything we report has a link, and we highly recommend spending the time to thoroughly explore our deep dives. We also consistently check brand backgrounds, only supporting companies we would buy ourselves (or have bought already!)

We want to callout that we are far from experts. We are still learning and improving, but what we can say is that we work hard and provide as much transparency as possible. We do this to help ourselves and you shop more consciously and informed.

What does it mean to be sustainable?

This depends on a product's lifecycle. Each good has different environmental implications based on its ingredients/materials, development process, shipping, and consumption. In general, the ways we like to think about sustainable products include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Biodegradable, recyclable and/or durable materials
  • Environmentally-friendly, organic ingredients
  • Reduced water, electricity, and chemical consumption and pollution
  • Respectful and conscious of effects on animals
  • Technologically optimized with efficient supply chain
  • Energy-saving transportation with minimal safe packaging
  • Reusable packaging

What does it mean to be ethical?

This is based on the human labor involved with growing, building, and delivering goods. Most often, the people affected by inhumane working conditions are farmers and factory workers. These populations consist lower economic status individuals, many being women and children.

We want to find brands that respect their laborers, sourcing from communities that are paid fair wages and treated well. We do understand it is hard to find information here, so we look to brands being transparent on their website or through conversations with us.

How do you choose a brand to recommend?

We often look toward labeling organizations like B Corp and Fair Trade to get started with brands that are sustainable and ethical. Often times, there are transparent reports or investigative pieces that share how these brands are improving.

We also have tried these brands out ourselves, or are looking to try them out. If it turns out the goods aren't worthwhile or the brand isn't trustworthy, we'll remove them from our site.

I want to know more. What's coming soon?

Our long-term goal is to empower consumers to make meaningful decisions, eventually participating in labeling goods and informing government policy.

But here's a quick sneak peak on what's next on our list:

  • A comprehensive definition and ingredients dictionary
  • A curated list of external resources on sustainable and ethical goods
  • A goods innovation podcast on the cost and future of consumption

Can I reach out to chat?

We'd love to talk!

If you are interested in partnering with us, check out this page. If you want to recommend a brand, send us some info here. If you want us to write and research a specific good, let us know!

Whether you are an innovative brand or a responsible consumer, shoot us an email over at doonebettertoday@gmail.com.