💯 Why Do One Better

With the amount of toxic ingredients found in candles that can have harmful impacts when inhaled on your body, it's worthwhile to invest in a candle that you know won't have a negative impact on your body.

We don't have a piece on the true cost of candles yet, where we will go further into the environmental and human issues and discuss about the future direction of candles.

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For now, take a look at the ingredients below to learn more about why they could prove harmful to you. Also check out other potential brands that we recommend for a more sustainable, ethical and more affordable option!

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🗒️ Ingredients to Watch Out For

We recommend you look into more depth about these ingredients and how they could affect your body. Generally, these descriptions should apply to most people.

Note: VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound.

  • Paraffin: a flamable, soft, colorless, waxy solid derived from petroleum. Before made into candle wax it must be deodorized and bleached (whose dioxins contribute to reproductive and developmental issues and can cause immune system damage). When paraffin is burned it releases VOCs (benzene and toluene for example which are known carcinogens).
  • Fragrance and dyes: an umbrella term for thousands of chemicals that companies don't have to disclose to consumers, and when burned, can release toxic VOCs such as formaldehyde, limonen, esters, and alcohol which have harmful effects.
  • Phthalates: A toxic chemical in fragrance. They have been linked to endocrine disruption, including lower sperm count in males. Phthalates can also cause damage to the female reproductive system and have been known to cause a variety of birth defects and reproductive impairments.

👍 Alternatives

In general when purchasing candles look for natural options, or candles made from coconut wax, beeswax, or soy/palm/vegetable wax that are scented with natural ingredients or essential oils! All the following meet the criteria and are vegan and cruelty free.

We know that some prices are higher than average, so we are always on the hunt for more affordable alternatives.

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Candle Brand Recommendations