There's Somefin Fishy Up In Here

There's Somefin Fishy Up In Here

May 6, 2021
And in your vitamins, moisturizers, makeup, and more

Since the release of Jaws, sharks are unanimously seen as a symbol for human fear. A shadow of their long lanky bodies with pointed fins and snout are enough to send shivers down the spine. And this comes as no surprise — when humans first set out to sea, shark encounters were extremely fearful, becoming a mainstay of urban lore.

Yet we’re here to tell you that sharks have more to fear of us than we do of them. Every year, humans overfish the ocean’s top predator for their meat, fins and gills. Many are threatened with extinction, jeopardizing the health of our ocean’s ecosystem, food security in developing nations, and even ecotourism.

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