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A free resource to inform you about the true cost of common goods, and provide sustainable, ethical, and more affordable alternatives. Better for you, your wallet, your community, and our planet.

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We want to callout that we are far from experts. We are still learning and improving, so always check out our sources for more information! We do this to help ourselves and you shop more consciously and stay informed.

Common Goods


Keep in mind, the best way to help the planet is to consume less! But if you need something new, here are a selection of different products you may use throughout your day. Check out each one for recommendations on sustainable & ethical brands, their prices, and some details on why we recommend them. We know we've only scratched the surface with what we've covered and will be making updates to the goods often.


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Do One Better is a free space to learn all about everyday goods, with sustainable, ethical and affordable alternatives.